At DAAP we have three core values; Respect, Happiness and Achievement which are driven by Purpose, Trust and Hard Work.

We aim to ensure that every learning opportunity is meaningful, interesting, exciting and joyful. We also understand that every learning opportunity must be challenging for our children and support them in achieving.

Early Years

Like many Early Years Settings, our Nursery and Reception learning is planned for using Development Matters as a guide.

Development Matters

Key stage 1

At DAAP we value the importance of attitudes to learning including children being resilient, resourceful and independent. We also lead learning that supports children in being self aware and self confident. To support our staff in valuing attitudes to learning and health and well being, we have written an alternative curriculum plan that we follow at DAAP.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Plan

In order to support staff in delivering this curriuclum plan, we have written curriculum guidance that supports teachers in knowing what this learning looks like and how best to support this learning.

In this curriculum guidance, you will notice that each curriculum area has an end of year learning goal. Where appropriate, these learning goals are based on the National Curriculum expectations. We expect all children to achieve at least a 'secure' judgement against these learning goals by the end of the school year. Some children will achieve 'mastery'.

Year 1 Learning Goal Booklet

Year 2 Learning Goal Booklet

Year 3 Learning Goal Booklet

Whole School Curriculum Guidance

At DAAP, we have high expectations of all staff teaching a range of things in very consistent ways. The curriculum guidance below has been provided to support all staff from Nursery to Year 2 in knowing what they are expected to teach as well as some ideas for how to teach these things well.

English/ Literacy Guidance

Whole School Writing Key Objective Grid

Whole School Reading Key Objective Grid

Reading at DAAP - Reading by 6 (Ofsted)

Reception Phonics Progression

Year 1 Phonics Progression

Year 2 Phonics Overview

At DAAP, children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 all study 'Maths Mastery'. The maths grid below is our own guide as to what key objectives are expected in each year group. This grid does not necessarily reflect what is delivered through Maths Mastery.

Whole School Maths Key Objective Grid

At DAAP we have very high expectations of all staff and children. We have a collection of non-negotiables that we expect all staff and children to consider. These non-negotiables include managing behaviour, how classrooms look and how work is displayed, peer critique and marking and feedback among others. This document is unfinished at the moment.

Non Negotiables Guidance

At DAAP we teach children a range of key skills in a range of subject areas. We then give them extended periods of time to practice and refine these key skills. Children have the opportunity to access clay work, woodwork, painting, drawing and block work among other areas every day. Our provision guidance with all of key skills is below.

Provision Key Skill Guidance